G4-Operator ( Dry Earth )

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Many see the G4 Operator as the ultimate scout/sniper pack. It represents everything that Eberlestock has learned about the needs of the professional military sniper community, and is a true go-to-war pack, derived from the lessons learned from our Phantom and Gunslinger products. This great battle-proven pack is the model chosen worldwide by many of the most elite special operations sniper teams, and others who carry multiple weapons. The scabbard folds into the bottom of the pack when not carrying a long gun, and the remaining space is an excellent load bay for things as diverse as laptops, satcom gear, mortar rounds, and PRC-117 class radios. System includes a GSTC Butt Cover for the scabbard, and a pull-out rain cover sized for the full pack.
Coming summer 2015 we have a new redesigned Intex II frame. The new frame has the same rigidity and tough as nails construction, with a shortened base shelf. This frame will be rolling out as the new standard for the G4 pack: starting with Coyote Brown and Unicam ll colors (available now). Military Green and Dry Earth will be available mid-late August. No ETA on G4 packs in black with the shortened frame.


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